Did you know, there is enough good to go around? I’m gonna be real honest here, and tell you there was a time that I didn’t believe this! A time that I was so consumed with keeping up, putting all of my energy into one-upping the next guy, and trying to win the rat race of the small business world. What is it they say? Competition is good for business? Oh Yes! 


Looking from the outside in, small business looks pretty easy, and like a heck of a lot of fun!  


It has been a lot of fun, and while it continues to be my passion some 12 years later, I have most certainly busted my tail to get where I am today. It has also been A LOT of HARD WORK!  Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been a joyful journey! It has been a lot of time spent comparing, feeling less than, inadequate, fearful, exhausted, and defeated. Thinking you’ve made it to a place that you can finally relax, just to have the next small business up the ante. It's like an uphill climb with very little reprieve, knowing you may never reach the peak. It’s been a lot of doubt.  But it’s also been a journey full of faith!  


My faith has been what’s carried me through. Faith has changed my mindset and what has helped me to find joy in the gift that this business is in my life, and the life of others. It has helped me feel content in the present rather than comparing our wins and losses to others. It really is true that comparison is the thief of all joy, and with social media comparison is right under our nose every single day! Competition is always going to be a thing, but it doesn’t have to carry all of the nasty feelings with it! 


My eyes were opened, and I was forever changed after watching a leadership message by Craig Groeschel. I realized I’m designed for my purpose, and that you are designed for yours. I realized that comparison and competition were stealing my joy and leaving me with a salty attitude, and constant feeling of defeat. I realized that I need to keep my eyes in my own lane, and cheer my sisters on! I realized that we can both succeed! We can both win! We can both have good! There is enough good to go around! I have faith that God will take care of me and mine, as well as you and yours! I realized that focusing on community rather than competition is the secret to true happiness in business! Am I perfect with this mindset? No! I’m human, I fall short, and If I am not intentional I find my mind slipping back to that salty place. That’s as far as I let it get, a thought that I take captive, and remind myself that there is enough good to go around!  

To my fellow “competition” and my “community,” to the small business just starting out, the ones much much larger than I, the ones online, at home, or at storefront, the ones local or far far away, the ones I share customers with and the ones who care for the customers that would never step foot in my door…I’m cheering for you! I’m choosing to encourage you, to support you, and to love you!  You have my word that I will not compare myself to you and I pray you won’t play the comparison game either. I will continue to work hard but I will never try to defeat you! I want good for you and good for me, we can both have it! There is enough good to go around!   

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