Have you heard about our monthly subscription? This isn't your typical subscription... let us tell you why. Positivi-tee Subscription was created by the Belles Babes in effort to extend the reach of our mission.

Our mission is as follows: "To create a community where women feel empowered, included, confident, and loved."

We want women in all 50 states to know how loved, cherished, and wonderful they are simply because they were created with purpose by our awesome God. We began this journey seeking to shine some light into the lives of you all, however, as the months passed, we realized just how much it was increasing the POSITIVI-TEE in our own lives, as well. Can we get an amen? Although we mapped out each month's theme at the very beginning, we realized the trajectory quickly changed to the topics that were truly heavy on our hearts; body image, kindness, loving when it isn't easy, fear, and worship. We, as a staff, have walked through some pretty tough, excruciatingly painful times since we launched this subscription - we have lost loved ones and kicked Covid's butt, just to name a few. Long story short, this is SO MUCH MORE than a monthly subscription. You can check out the testimonies below!

Something new we added in year 2 is our Quarterly Positivi-tee BOX! We knew we wanted to spice things up somehow, but also stay true to our original Positivi-tee subscribers. The heart behind the Quarterly Box is to reach people of all kinds with an uplifting and encouraging message while providing an apparel piece, various gifts, and a call to action/activity. This box is based on the seasons - SUMMER, FALL, WINTER, AND SPRING.

Positivi-tee can enlighten lives in many ways! We have had people choose a different friend to gift a bag to each month, or those who have purchased one for themselves and another for a friend. We love to see our customers creativity and the inspiring ways you all show love through this subscription!

MONTHLY POSITIVI-TEE > Available for order the 1st-15th of every month. The bags are available for local pickup/shipped on the 5th of the following month.

QUARTERLY POSITIVI-TEE > Available for order during the following windows:

SUMMER BOX > March 30th through May 15th. Available for local pickup/shipped on the 15th of June. 

FALL BOX > June 15th through August 15th. Available for local pickup/shipped on the 15th of September.

WINTER BOX > September 15th through November 15th. Available for local pickup/shipped on the 15th of December. 

SPRING BOX > December 15th through February 15th. Available for local pickup/shipped on the 15th of March.

Contact us with any questions you have by filling out the quick form below! If you are wanting a reminder to signup for the following month or quarter, please feel free to leave your information for that, as well.